How to Start a Business Without Making Yourself Crazy

A lot of people dream of starting a business one day. A lot of people talk about it and think about it, but not everyone takes the leap. Entrepreneurship [...]

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Small businesses, take heart: Even Starbucks makes mistakes

For those of us that just want to get a plain old tall coffee at Starbucks the experience of waiting in line while the person in front makes one [...]

10 can’t-miss tax deductions for small businesses

“American business is an overwhelmingly small business.” That’s the word from the Small Business & Entrepreneurial Council which figured that the number of small businesses with fewer than 20 workers [...]

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With Executive Order on Deregulation, Small Businesses Mainly Optimistic

President Donald Trump issued an executive order Monday aimed at significantly reducing regulation for businesses. Surrounded by small business leaders in the Oval Office, Trump slashed the new regulations [...]

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Small businesses hope to see some Obama-backed rules scrapped

Small businesses are hoping to see some high-profile Obama administration regulations scrapped after Donald Trump takes office, with rules affecting overtime, sick leave and the environment among those that [...]

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Small business health reimbursement accounts resurrected for 2017

Stand-alone HRAs are back for 2017. Employers don’t have to wait for the repeal of Obamacare to fund stand-alone health reimbursement accounts that employees can use to pay for [...]

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Small business alert: Beware of stiff penalties for failing to file information returns

Legislation enacted last year included little-noticed changes to the penalty regime for failing to file information returns with the IRS and failing to furnish required statements to payment recipients. [...]

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