How tax bill agreement would affect small businesses

The Republican agreement on a tax bill gives many small company owners breaks on their business income taxes and allows them to deduct a larger portion of their equipment [...]

Is Your Business at Risk From Sexual Harassment?

A few weeks ago, sexual harassment and assault allegations about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein started making headlines. Since then, the outrage has snowballed as more and more stories of [...]

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You don’t think your small business will get hacked? You’re wrong

Yahoo's been through it. So has the Democratic National Committee. More recently, it was Equifax. But it's not just large businesses and organizations that are targeted by hackers. In [...]

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Small businesses, take heart: Even Starbucks makes mistakes

For those of us that just want to get a plain old tall coffee at Starbucks the experience of waiting in line while the person in front makes one [...]